In his suspension for the 2022 NFL season after betting on games in the 2021 season, Calvin Ridley returned to Twitter to try to provide some more context surrounding the suspension and to share his thoughts.

The Atlanta Falcons posted a press release detailing that they became aware of the investigation last month. Ridley's future with the team and whether he will stay in Atlanta is still unclear.

The teams asked about Ridley before the news broke this off-season, but it's hard to see any trade standards being maintained in the heels of Ridley's suspension. Trading is rarely ideal for players who have not been on the field for at least a year.

Ridley now joins a team of five footballers who have been fired from the NFL for gambling, as Adam Schaefer posted shortly after the news broke, leaving Ridley only second in the 21st century.

Ridley’s suspension comes less than one year after the NFL officially partnered with sportsbooks Caeser’s, DraftKings and FanDuel, embracing and promoting gambling on the game like never before after moving the Raiders franchise to Las Vegas.

NFL Network says Ridley’s gambling did involve a November Falcons game while he was away from the team on NFI, but the league says there is no evidence of any game being compromised.