The British Grand Prix was postponed before the end of the first lap when two huge collisions involving multiple drivers in the pit resulted in the wrong side of the tire barrier at Zhu Guanyu's Alfa Romeo Turn 1.

Emergency crews were immediately present, and Zhou and Williams driver Alex Albon were taken to the medical center. Both have been released from major injuries and have been discharged from Coventry Hospital after precautionary tests.

A replay shows Pierre Gasly being pinched between George Russell on one side and Zhou on the other, with Gassly and Russell pitch Russell's Mercedes into Zhou's Alfa Romeo through communication.

The force of the second impact causes Zhou's car to spin, overturning it through the run-off area before passing over barrel-rolled barriers, only to be stopped by a catching fence in front of a grandstand.

The race was red-flagged immediately after the clash as leaders postponed the race and headed for Wellington Strait. Separate for the collision, protesters further broke down on the tracks around Cole.