With a runner-up and less than two outs in third place, the Astros lead left-wing Brooks Rally. Freeman fails the strategy with one pitch. He hooks a slider in the right case for a wolf fly.

In the third inning of a scoreless game, Freeman took a down-end fastball from Luis Garcia and shot left-middle for a single. The injury took Eddie Rosario to second base, where he scored a double for Austin Riley. The brave never find their way.

The Braves took a 2-0 lead in the sixth after Houston brought in Rally with Rosario and Freeman as second and third batters.

Riley throws Freeman six cutters and a slider, the last of which fouls the outside edge cutter Freeman. On the seventh pitch, Riley throws a curveball. Freeman is not stupid. He sees the ball bounce for four. Riley drives alone in Rosario.

The Braves lead 5-0 in the fifth when Freeman faces another left-hander, Blake Taylor, along with the first runner. Taylor hangs a 3-and-1 slider, which Freeman pushes to the left field wall for an RBI double.

Two innings later, Freeman smashed a slider on the Rhine Stanek for a home run. This is the last run of the Braves' 7-0 clich.

The Braves might close the door on what a franchise player was. As a brave man, Freeman should have been the successor to Chipper Jones, who never wore another uniform.