Severe weather risk for today. Anyone in this area, please be careful and stay vigilant. Already multiple casualties caused by tornados reported in Iowa from this system.

A village, farm and businesses of less than 6,000 people were demolished in and around Winterset, on the southwestern edge of the Des Moines metropolitan area. Within seconds, more than two dozen homes were destroyed, authorities said.

Yesterday was surreal. A tornado headed straight to my dad’s place of work in Iowa. I’ve always had a BIG fear of tornados-big! So it was beyond stressful knowing my dad’s work was going to take a direct hit. Amazingly, his building wasn’t hit-though the 3 buildings next to his were. I see all of this damage and am amazed no one lost their life. So thankful Vermeer Corp had strong shelter. Pics are from knia.

Need wood for your wood burning stove or fireplace!? Head to Marshalltown after the tornado!

I can’t really find any words to say which is unlike me. Our fairgrounds took a hit today! We lost buildings and barns, praise the Lord it wasn’t during the fair!

The National Weather Service said the tornado's epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. The weather service tweeted Saturday that a "strong tornado" was probably approaching Chariton.