In three episodes of "Winning Time," Jerry Bassan's UNLV's Jerry Tarkanian is included as the next Lakers head coach in a very realistic pursuit, and the character of Chick Horn is raised eyebrows.

The main story of the third episode of "Winning Time" is the search for a new head coach for the new Lakers owner Jerry Bass, a search that quickly zooms in on UNLV head coach Jerry Tarkanian.

In another example of the innovative eye of the bus, he looked for a Turkanian a decade before he won a national title with the Ranin Rebels, although he was rarely an anonymous coach.

The Turkanian took part in the NCAA Tournament four times in a row at Long Beach State and led the Elite Eight in the early 70's before heading to Las Vegas.

A final four runs in his fourth year as coach in 1977 helped keep him forever tied to a city he had already fallen in love with.