We all hope this will be Hunter Dickinson's last season with Michigan Basketball and if Tuesday is one of his last home games after this season, there are some rumors about what the way out was to reconsider his decision after this season.

A big win against an opponent ahead of them in the tournament rankings would require the Wolverines to regain their momentum. They are now 29th in the canopy and could turn some heads by using this winning momentum.

Great players look for big games, and Michigan's best player did just that, scoring a career-high 33 points with nine rebounds and four blocks that could be the best game of his Michigan career.

If any basketball coach is reading this, show these highlights to your young post players. Dickinson doesn’t have a ton of flashy rice and he’s not the fastest guy, but he earns by sealing most of his baskets quickly and paying the Spartan defenders to paint.

Whenever Michigan State tried to make some sense of the race, Dickinson's few buckets immediately returned the favor to Wolverine.

If the Wolverines can win both games, it will be very difficult to keep them out of the NCAA Tournament.