The Mona Lisa trembled and fell when a visitor to the Louvre tried to smash the glass to protect the world's most famous painting before applying cream to its surface in an apparent climate-related promotional stunt on Sunday.

The perpetrator was a man disguised as an elderly woman who jumped out of a wheelchair before attacking the glass.

The boy got up from his chair and expressed his displeasure over the most famous work of art of 1517.

The attack was defined as "vandalism". However, since the painting is protected by bullet-proof glass, the creamy product did not reach its goal.

But the video footage of the tourists visiting the exhibition went viral. Staff at the Louvre Museum were quick to clear the area, as dozens of visitors recorded the moment with their cell phones, separated from the painting by a black protective tape.

Since the beginning of the 16th century the French-owned work has been protected by multiple security measures and set at a stable temperature for optimal preservation. Millions of people visit it every year.