"RRR", after top director Rajamouli's latest, record-breaking 'Bahubali 2', featuring two of Tollywood's biggest superstars NTR and Ram Charan, finally hit the theaters today.

The story is set in Delhi in the 1920s. Mallya, when a young woman from a village was abducted by British officers, Akhtar (NTR) flew to Delhi to bring her back.

Ramaraju (Ram Charan), on the other hand, works as a police officer under the British and he promises his officers that he will catch Akhtar dead or alive.

NTR, who is known as one of the best actors in Tollywood, played the role of Komaram Bhim in his usual manner in the first half of the film.

Alia Bhatt has no chance. He was there for a few moments like a guest artist. Ajay Devgn owns the Flashback Sequence and he has his screen presence.