Actor Sean Penn has threatened to give his Academy Award trophy a "public scent" if the organizers of the 2022 Oscars decide not to invite Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the awards ceremony this Sunday night.

The actor has twice won Best Actor for Milk and Mystic River. He has invested in the Russia-Ukraine crisis and recently visited Ukraine in the middle of the war.

President Zelensky famously requested the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - the organizers of the Oscars - to allow him to speak at the awards ceremony to garner international support for Ukraine in the war against Russia.

However, there is speculation that he may not be allowed to take the stage. The 2022 Oscars will be held in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 27 night.

The actor is currently in Poland after crossing the border into Ukraine on foot recently.

Considered one of the best actors of his generation, Sean has won numerous awards, in addition to his two Oscars.