Edwards knocked out Usman in the main event of UFC 278 at Vivint Arena on Saturday night to win the UFC welterweight title. The fifth round ended at 4:04. Usman is considered pound for pound the best fighter in the world.

Edwards snapped Usman's 15-fight UFC win streak, which was a UFC record. It was one of the most shocking knockouts in the history of the sport.

Usman dominated the fight after the first round. But Usman ducked to his right to fend off an Edwards left and Edwards flushed him with a left head kick, sending the 17,000-plus in attendance into a frenzy.

Edwards lands a few leg kicks, then saves a takedown attempt. He then slips into attack and Usman takes him to the canvas. But Edwards is up, and with two minutes to go, he scores a trip takedown in full mount. Edwards eventually takes to the back and threatens to choke until Horn. 10-9, Edwards.

Edwards gets his leg stuck against the cage, and the brief distraction allows Usman to punch away. Even after Edwards left, Usman kept up the pressure, resulting in two takedowns.

Edwards lands a few shots but one less. Then, just as it looked like Edwards was out, his left high kick knocked Usman out.