Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday called for remembrance of America's darkest days as he called for more military assistance to Russia in dealing with the "inhumane destruction" of his country.

Directly challenging President Biden and members of Congress to help by showing a horrific video of the killings in Ukrainian cities.

Appearing before Congress via video link from Kyiv, Mr. Zelensky likened Russia's three-week invasion of Ukraine to Japan's World War II airstrikes on Pearl Harbor.

"I urge you to do more," Mr Zelensky said, describing the conflict in Ukraine as an attack on the world's civilized nations.

Speaking directly to Mr Biden, he added: "I want you to be a world leader. Being a world leader means being a leader of peace. "

Biden and members of Congress, along with a nearly িয়ন 14 billion aid package that includes aid for refugees, financial aid and billions of dollars in military aid. Mr Biden signed the law into law on Tuesday.

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